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Be sure to visit the new POLK COUNTY GOVERNMENT BUILDING on Route 17 N for your drivers license and vehicle registration. It is also the county court and a number of other county services.

SIGN REGULATIONS- If you plan on doing anything with your signage be sure to check city website for any ordinances regarding size and location.

CHRISTMAS PARADE- The annual Christmas parade is usually held in the first week of December. Check out the city website for information and an application to be in the parade.

COUNTY- Do you know who our County Commissioners are? Go to the County website and find out more about them. You can also find out more about the roads by going to the Transportation Planning Organization site.

STATE LAWS- There are new laws recently passed by the State Legislators that will affect motor vehicles, taxes etc. All the information and how it may affect you is available on the State of Florida web site.

CITY COMMISSION- Commission meetings are held on the first and third Mondays of the month. We encourage you to attend these meetings when you can so you can be aware of any changes that are taking place. Agendas are posted on the city website along with audio from past meetings.

You can also see who the Mayor and City Commissioners are.

CRA (Community Redevelopment Area)- Are you aware of the CRA program for upgrading and enhancing your properties. There are funds available and but you have to apply. Not all will be approved but you should check with the Community Development department for all the details. Ron's Tackle Box recently made some changes and repairs to their store and received approximately 1/2 the cost. To learn more go to this link:residential facade improvements program


DID YOU KNOW LAKE ALFRED HAS AN APP FOR YOUR PHONE?- The Lake Alfred 311 mobile app can be used to report a pothole or to let City staff know of a maintenance need in the right of way or at one of the City’s many facilities.  You can also report code enforcement issues and utility service emergencies. See something, report it!  

Go to- (APPLE-iPhone only)


The download will take less than a minute.


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